Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Explanation of Calvin and Hobbes cartoon


One remark: Calvin is the boy and Hobbes is a toy tiger, Hobbes doesn't appear in this story.

A girl is surprised because Calvin sells lemonade to 15 dollars a glass.Calvin tells him that he is based on the law of supply and demand.

But Calvin demand a big annual salary , a big profit and
Calvin does not care about the health of their consumers. The girl goes home and Calvin says that the girl is a anti-business person who ruin the economy.After Calvin says to his mother: I need to be subsidized.

Calvin plays with the word "demand", "demand" has got two meanings:
1. A noun with economic meaning.
2.And a verb.

Conclusion: you can not do business if you haven't got lower prices. This don't create supply and if there is not supply, there is not demand.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Juan Carlos,

These are my remarks (not "anotations". This word doesn´t exist in English) about your post:

- Calvin is the boy, but Hobbes is not the girl. Hobbes is a toy Calvin has: a tiger. Calvin imagines that Hobbes is alive and speaks to him and plays with him. Hobbes appears in many Calvin and Hobbes´ cartoons, but not always. In this cartoon Hobbes doesn´t appear. So, please correct this.

- Don´t write anything in Spanish.

- You haven´t included the joke of the cartoon: it´s a play on words with the word "demand". It has two senses: as a noun, it has an economic meaning, but as a verb, its meaning is different.

- You have to review the conclusion as well. Remember what we learned about how market economy really works.

There are also some grammar and spelling mistakes. I´m looking forward to your classmates´ corrections.

Please, correct what I have pointed

I´ve moved the picture to the center and I´ve enlarged it, so everybody can see it better.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Juan Carlos. I´ve seen that you have corrected some contents, but you haven´t corrected the conclusion of the cartoon. Review how market economy really works. It hasn´t to do only with the law of supply and demand. Review what subsidies are and write the correct conclusion.

Your classmates haven´t corrected the grammar and spelling mistakes. I´ll wait a little bit more.

Come on, where have all the correctors gone?