Friday, April 12, 2013

Journal of Friday, 12th of April, 2013

Today, when we have arrived to the class, Paqui wasn’t in class, and some people have said to Paqui “you are late”.Then, we have entered to the class there was written in the blackboard the USA expansion and and Imperialism:

-Manifest Destiny: ideology that defended that the USA were destined or had the providential mission (by God) of expainding from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It supported their Westward expansion.
-Monroe Doctrine: (1823): prohibition of intervention of the Europeans countries in America. If that defended, it  would be seen as an agression and would provoke the USA intervention. It was summarized on the slogan “America for the Americans”
-Roosevelt Corollary: Theodore Roosevelt completed the Monroe Doctrine, declaring the right of the USA to intervine in America if their interests (or the interests of their companies) were in danger. This led to the beginning of a series of interventions of the USA army, in Central and South America and Caribbean Sea.
Roosevelt Corollary

After, some people has corrected the summary that Paqui said yesterday that we have to do it for homework for today, it consists on  all the colonies that divided the territory of Africa, so Monica, Gemma , Pilar and Elena have corrected it. Then Paqui has explained us all the summary, and all the territories conquered in his computer. Paqui has said that we have to add Russia and Japan to this colonies in our summaries. After this, we have listened to the explanation of the Westward expansion, that Paqui put yesterday in the blog.
Paqui has said to Fernando G. That he isn’t doing any good thing, because he was doing stupid things. Paqui has also said that there is some students in the class that were not doing anything, for example Gemma and Gonzalo.
Paqui has searched a link in the blog about the prisoners of Guantanamo, this is an image about this and below you have the link.

Then Paqui went to to put the radio because of the draw of the Champions. Finally, the page of Elpais haven’t worked, so finally we haven’t listened to that.

Then Paqui has said us that for homework, we have to divide the positive and negative consequences of colonialism in our notebooks for next class, so don’t forget it!
This are the words I have included in my Glossary:
Shares- acciones.
Dutch- Holandés
Corollary- Corolario
Westward expansion- Expansión hacia el Oeste
If you don’t have listened to the results of the draws; they are:
Real Madrid-Borussia
F.C Barcelona-Bayern

Have a nice wekeend! (and Hala Madrid!!)


werselio escribano ortega said...

For me the journal is good but like many people say it had to be a little longer. I think I have found a misthake that is:
Javi:then paqui has explained us all the sumary (...) in his computer.
And I think it is:
Then Paqui in his computer has explained us all the sumary...
This is all!!!
Have a nice weekend!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello, boys,

Two suggestions:

- The order of the contents is a little messy (and I'm not talking about football). First we've corrected the exercise about the colonial empires, after this I´ve explained the expansion of the USA and the notes were about this expansion and the imperialism.

- Add a picture about what we've studied today.

I'll check the mistakes during the weekend. Werselio's correction is not good, because the word order of that sentence is OK, but the preposition and the possessive are not right: with her computer.

See you!

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi Javi! You have done a good work but I have found some mistakes:
- Were not doing nothing: were not doing anything or were doing nothing.
- Doesn't worked: haven't worked
- Haven't listen: haven't listened
That's all I have found! Bye!

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Javi,

I have found some mistakes:
-Usa expansion and and Imperialism -> USA expansion and Imperialism.
-Cardinal points (North, South, East and West) in capital letters.
-putted -> put (past simple and past participle of the verb to put is put).

You can add "Westward expansion" (expansión hacia el oeste) on the glossary.

See you!

maria said...

Hi classmates !!

Your journal is good, but I have found three little mistakes:
Fernando G. Than he isn't ->Fernando G than he isn't
there is some students->There are some students.
A image> An image.

Have a nice weekend !!

juan said...

hello,i thinck that this is a good journal,in my opinion is not short and is not long,i dont foudn any mistakes that people hadn't said
.good job XD

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi jose javier!
Your journal is good but I have found I big mistake...
I am doing things in the class not like you!
see you :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


All the corrections the students made are correct except:
- Werselio's second correction
- María's first correction: Fernando G that he wasn't doing anything

These are the mistakes nobody found:

- we have entered into the class there were notes writtenon the blackboard about the USA expansion and and Imperialism:

- expanding

- intervene

- Afterwards/Later some people have corrected
all thecolonies the Europeans established in Africa

- with her computer

- that he wasn’t doing anything/ anything good

- on the blog about

- Guantanamo base You should explain why I talked about Guantanamo. It was related to the notes on the blackboard

- has gone to …. The website hasn’t worked

- has said to us/has told us

- on our notebooks

As I told you on Friday, you should reorganize your journal, because we corrected the exercise first and we talked about the USA later.

See you!

Enrique Manzanares said...

I only want to say that you have to put complete team's names:
Real Madrid C.F.
F.C. Barcelona
Borussia Dortmund
Bayern Munich.
It's a silly thing, but at the same time is important. See you