Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JOURNAL 16/01/2013

Today I have arrived a little bit later to class, but when I've arrived it hasn’t started yet.
Then paqui has putted a youtube video called “El sitio de Zaragoza”.
“El sitio de Zaragoza”is a descriptive fantasy based on military events composed by Cristóbal Oudrid approximately in 1848. This piece was originally created to accompany the theatrical piece: “El Sitio de Zaragoza” in 1808 By Juan Lombía.
Here you have the video from Youtube:
After this,Paqui has said like joking to Miguel that his brother can do this
-Paqui has showed a scheme in a slide about the Peninsular War and its main stages.It contained:
The Peninsular War:
· 1808:First Months:
-Initial Disorganization
-Unexpected vitory
· End of 1808-1812:
-Almost total French control of the country.
-Only resistants: Guerrilla
· April 1812-1813:
-Retreat of French Troops for the Russian campaign.
-Hispano-british offensive from Portugal.

 The French Armie or “Grand Armée” directed by Napoleón was usually used to fight in plain areas so they were extremely surprised defeated in the mountains of the Hispanic Peninsula.

Guerrilla - It was a war tactic invented in Spain during Peninsular War as those who resisted the French were military inferior, they took advantage of their knowledge of the country and the support of the local population to attack the French by surprise, steal their supplies and stress them constantly.
-The French soldiers didn’t know when or where the Guerrilla Fighters would attack them, and they couldn´t sleep because of this, there was a lot of stress between the French soldiers.
Some importants Guerrilla Fighters were:
Francisco Espoz Y Mina
Juan Martín Díaz "El Empecinado"

Source: Google Images.

-Finally the French Troops and the Hispano-British army, commanded by Wellington retired to the Border and later Napoleon conquist some importants cities of the Peninsula.

-Paqui has showed us what Guerrilla Fighters did reciprocally to the French Soldiers, with the Goya’s Series of Etchings Disasters of War. Here you have some examples:
"Tanto y más"
"Enterrar y callar"

Click on the images to watch it bigger.


After this, some people like Fernando G. and Laura B. read the exercise 17 on the activities.

Finally, Paqui has given us a scheme to complete about the Political events during the Peninsular War:

· Official Government:
-Joseph I
-Support he had
-Extension of his reforms
· Rebels’ organization (against the French)
-Provincial Boards (created spontaneously)
-Supreme central board.
-Regency and Cortes of Cádiz: Constitution 1812 (Content)

Words Paqui has written on the blackboard:
Let see- A ver.
To siege- Sitiar.
Abrupt- Abrupto.
Siege- Sitio militar.
Ground- Terreno.
To harass- Acosar.
Retreat- Retirada.
Ink- Tinta.

See you in class!

Yours faithfully: Javier Morales


elena escribano said...

Hello Javi! I have read your journal and it's good but you can include more information on the schemes and also that Paqui has given us a scheme of the Spanish Constitution of 1812. I didn't find any mistake. Good work!

Laura Bustamante said...

Hello Javi! I have been reading your post and is very well but there are some mistakes:

- After the last YouTube’s link you have written: “After this,Paqui has said like joking...” I think in the middle of like and joking you should write an “a” .

-And the last think, there are more vocabulary, here you have:
To let: dejar
Retaliation: represalias
Guerrilla fighter: guerrilleros
Supply: suministro
Stubborn: cabezota
Series of stchings: serie de grabados
War photography: fotografía de guerra
To draw inspiration from: inspirarse en

This is all in my opinion! and thank you for name me in your post.

See you on friday :)

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Javi,

Your journal is good but I have found some mistakes:
-Paqui has putted -> Paqui has put.
-british -> British.
-so they were surprised defeated -> so they were surprised and defeated. (Here you can add that a decisive defeat of the French troops took place in Bailén).
-during the Peninsular War as those -> P.War. As those. (In that paragraph you can add that Paqui has said that this war tactic is used by the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in Afganistan and other countries occupy by The West and that many European and American soldiers have psycological problems because of that).
-conquist -> conquered.
-Let see -> Let's see.

See you!

Roxana said...

I agree with Elena, you can include more information. I have found some mistakes:
- Paqui in capital letters.
- Hispano-British
- French Army
- Some important...
- What Guerrilla Fighters did to the ...
- with Goya's ...
- have read exercise 17, but I think that maybe it's better to say have corrected.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

The previous corrections are OK except some vocabulary: etchings, psychological problems.

I also agree with your classmates, Javi. You could add more information.

These are the mistakes you haven´t found:

- from Youtube
-... based on military events, instead of "subjects"
- Word order: This piece was originally created to accompany
- ...his brother could perform this piece with his orchestra
-... has showed a scheme. "Put" is a general verb and "putted" doesn´t exist.
- You can´t copy the scheme literally, but explain it with complete sentences
-...Unexpected vitory
- The French Army ..., so theywere extremely surprised and defeated....of the Iberian Peninsula.
- "Guerrilla" is not the same as "guerrilla fighters". You´ve defined "guerrilla". "Guerrilla fighters" were the people who used this tactic.
-... when the guerrilla fighters would attack them....There was a lot of stress...
- Finally...and the Hispano-British army, commanded by Wellington, not Napoleon.
-...what guerrilla fighters and the French soldiers did reciprocally, with Goya´s series of etchings Disasters of War
-... to watch thembigger
- Supreme Central Board
-...Cortes of Cádiz: Constitution of 1812.
-...onthe blackboard
- Yoursfaithfully. This farewell seems to be the one Charles IV wrote to Napoleon!

Don´t forget to correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Have a nice weekend!

Javi Morales said...

Hi paqui, I have corrected the mistakes from my journal, if there are more, say me, because I don't see any more mistakes